Vengan b"n"b en Málaga

Hi, I’m Emma, originally from the UK and what I have to offer is simply a friendly, affordable Vegan Bed and Breakfast in the historical centre of Malaga, welcome to the Veganbnb Spain! If you are looking for wholesome breakfasts, an intriguing property and a welcoming host then read on...................

Tucked away in a side street close to the heart of Malaga, near the Plaza de Merced and some of the best museums, restaurants, bars and night spots of the city, the Veganbnb is friendly and welcoming offering a lively decor and a wide variety of delicious breakfast options all for a very reasonable price. The room is large, cozy and perfect for both single travellers and couples. Malaga is a great city; 30 minutes from the airport with regular public transport links, it’s perfect for a weekend visit if you only have a few days. For those who have more time, Malaga is a great city to use as a base for exploring Andalucia.

The veganbnb also offers Vegan Fitness Weekends, a great combination of exercise and healthy wholesome food with enough free time to see the city and follow your own interests, suitable for all ages and fitness levels, you will definitely leave feeling energized, positive and balanced!

Everybody is welcome and I continue to meet amazing and inspirational people from all walks of life so if what I have to offer interests you then wonderful, come and spend some time here, I look forward to hosting you soon here in Malaga!


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